Ypi Kids is a young firm born in the mountains of Castellón with very clear concepts and objectives: Consistency with the philosophy of life of its creators, investing for it the time necessary to do things well.
But … how do you transfer personal values ​​to a collection of clothes? When the goals are to take care of our environment and to help children grow up healthy and comfortable, physically and emotionally, there are many things to keep in mind.

Ypi Kids is committed to it in every design. They draw their prints, choose creative and inspiring colors, make comfortable patterns and use sustainable raw materials. Ypi Kids‘ garments also have an important recreational component, since after all children are children, and play is a priority!
Consistency in all aspects of creation and production also reaches the price policy of Ypi Kids, which are established with deep respect to suppliers and customers.

Commitment to your philosophy of life. Care and pampering throughout the process. Creativity. Coherence. These are great words that this young brand is taken very, very seriously.

Find it in Little Barcelona!

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