Cristina founded Noeud Noeud Rouge after years of working in children’s companies. The objective, to contribute something more, fruit of her professional and personal experience. And it is that in this sector, the emotional factor, the personal perception, is what makes the difference. Hence every brand, every signature, has something that makes it unique.
Noeud Noeud Rouge has that something, Garments made with care for the little ones using only 100% organic cotton, with GOT certificate.

Patterns designed to dress and undress our babies without causing them discomfort. Careful preparation from the seams to the labeling so that the little ones do not suffer uncomfortable rubs …

But there are more. And is that Noeud Noeud Rouge can also make each of his clothes unique, as it offers the ability to customize the design to suit each client.

Bodies, pajamas, beanies, lullabies … all careful and unique, as they are all each of our little newcomers.

It’s a pleasure to have Noeud Noeud Rouge in Little 11. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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