When Silvia, founder of Primeras Primaveras, introduced us to her brand, we immediately knew that it had to be part of Little Barcelona.

Created in Mataró almost two years ago, Primeras Primaveras is the pure essence of its city. With its own workshop, this young firm has been growing with effort, seeking without rest the way to reach its customers and getting, little by little, to increase their production so that at the moment already works two external workshops, in addition of own.

One of its objectives as a company is to contribute to create jobs in Mataró, traditional textile city and direct sufferer of the hard times of relocation. Primeros Primaveras actively participates in the process of regeneration of her city to, as Silvia says, “to restore its dignity”.

But Primeras Primaveras is a firm with many more values. With a colorful style, it lavishes joy in his two product lines, the one directed at babies and children and the one dedicated to adults, so that they can dress like their children. Always thinking of the little ones, their designs are comfortable, they allow freedom of movement and connect directly with the way of being, cheerful and vital, of children.

The fabrics used are always cotton knit, all fabricated and tinted in the Maresme region. Little by little, based on intense work, Primeras Primaveras has managed to incorporate its own prints to make its collections more and more personal.

We believe in the work of companies like this, tenacious and full of effort, that go little by little, conquering their daily goals.


For all these reasons, it will be a pleasure to introduce it at Little 11.



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