We are pleased to introduce you, in the first place, the “first chapter” of what promises to be a series of coolest decoration products.
The bed clothing of the young Portuguese firm Snugme is designed to dress our crazy day to day. Unisex prints in lightweight knitwear, practical and very comfortable, clothes the dreams of everyone who sleeps in a bed of 90 x 1.90. They can be children, young people or adults, why not? Whenever they sleep, wake up and live impregnated with optimism.

Snugme‘s sheets, pillows and cushions give off the most positive energy. And as we said, they are only the beginning of what this firm promises to bring to market … And is that with these bed fellows, you never know how far you can get.

Snugme debuted in Spain at Little 11, but has already confirmed its presence in the next summer edition. So be attentive, that many pleasant surprises will come soon from their hand.

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